Granite Recyclables interior tiles are beautiful and practical. The tile will not wear out and is virtually maintenance free. Our exterior pavers will not fade or lose color. Traditional concrete pavers are rated at 3000-5000 psi. Granite recycle pavers are rated at 17000 - 24000 psi, making them 4 times stronger than concrete. Granite Recyclables are 100% granite pavers and tiles will withstand weathering and fading far better than any other manufactured product available in the market.



Interior tile is installed using tile adhesive and grout. Due to our tiles thickness, we can provide beveled edges for doorways or thresholds.


Installation of Granite Recyclables pavers is the same as traditional pavers. A 3" - 5" gravel base and 1/2 - 1" compacted sand bed for walkways and patios is typical. For driveways a 12" - 14" gravel base is necessary. Polymeric sand is recommended for this joints.


Interior tiles have a smooth, polished finish while the exterior pavers have a textured, non-slip surface that can be finished with a sealer or left natural.



Green Certification

Granite Recyclables pavers and interior tile can earn LEED credits for now projects and major renovations. Consult your LEED Accredited Professional for specific points and rating methods.

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